The Frosted Dragon is Now Closed

Here are SOME of the popular flavor combinations we have worked with.

White cake with strawberry filling, white butter-cream frosting.
Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, Chocolate or white butter-cream frosting.
Confetti cake, chocolate or vanilla pudding filling, white butter-cream frosting.
Lemon cake with strawberry filling, white butter-cream frosting.

We also do the traditional flavors, white, butter, yellow, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, etc. Just ask, we may have it. When choosing non traditional cake flavors/combinations, please note that we will be charging extra for tropical fruit flavors depending on the market price of those fruit. We are currently testing flavor combinations, but if you do not see something here, please ask.

For St. Patricks Day, we have added a Bailey's Irish Creme Cake with Bailey's Chocolate butter-cream frosting. This one is for the adults folks, because we use true Baileys Irish Cream! YUM!

We recently got the recipe for a mango vanilla cake with mango vanilla filling. DELICIOUS!

Also we have worked hard and now perfected our white chocolate buttercream frosting! Soooo good!

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